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While standing, drinking martini, at the bar,

girl walks in.
Obviously anxious —
darting eyes,

tense muscles, intense spirit —

looking all-around constantly,
particularly toward the door.
5, 10, 15 minutes pass.

A wheelchair rolls in the door.

People part to let a girl roll-in
while ‘darting eyes’ charges toward her.
The rush to help is sincere, unneeded, yet appreciated.

‘Darting eyes’ morphs into calm, quiet joy.

The concerned anxiety is transformed
into unflustered enthusiasm.
A glow of friendship blatantly permeates the bar chatter.

It happened. May it happen for you.

-Dan Gellert-

-Poem People Project mails an original poem to a random address weekly.
This one mailed to Colorado-

video here…

Trying to write what I see, usually with a poem. By day I mix audio. Most other hours I husband and father. Then I write…

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