KangHee Kim
KangHee Kim
KangHee Kim

The trees lean one way, away.
Not all, just two or one in a cluster.
They are dependent on their independence to thrive.
Seeking sun or water or less commotion,
trees lean because they need to.
We try leaving them alone,
but we prune, shape, nag.
We cover them with energy.
They don’t need help,
just love and light understanding.

Shepard Fairey
Shepard Fairey
Shepard Fairey

A British baby wonders, where does water come from?
All her short life water shows up.
She drinks, bathes, cools, and plays in it.
Plus, a critical ingredient of her beloved tea.

Eventually, she learns water surrounds the land.
In disbelief, she sets out to see for herself.
Travelling to the land’s edge and seeing her loved water,
she starts walking along the coast.

Figuring, if water really surrounds her land,
returning to this spot will be inevitable.
And so, her education began.
With water in her view and a constant companion, it sustained her.

She splashed in it, laughing and crying, and ate from it.
Water consumed her thoughts as a friend or lover could.
She started learning its properties and cycles, strengths and desires.
Mimicking water, she became fluid in her…


Dan Gellert

Trying to write what I see, usually with a poem. By day I mix audio. Most other hours I husband and father. Then I write… www.linkedin.com/in/dangellert

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